Vintage Embossing for Stationery and Invitations (Plus, Make Your Own!)

One of the most beautiful vintage styles that I’ve enjoyed over the years is that of stationery.  While we mostly focus here on vintage fashion, I wanted to take this time to show some of my favorite examples of vintage stationery, paper embossing, plus some ways you can mimic this style on your own.

Let’s take a look at some examples:


Wonderful, right? And while its hard to actually use vintage paper products for your invitations/etc., because paper becomes very brittle over time.  However we can work to make vintage style invitations, embossings, etc.  Here’s a quick and simple 3 step guide to putting together your favorite style.

Step 1: Collect Examples of Your Favorite Styles

As with many things in design, its helpful to get inspiration from others that have done it before.  Peruse the products on Glasgow Vintage, or a large site for examples of vintage stationery and invitations, and save your favorites (perhaps using Pinterest or something similar).

What I do is simply browse this collection and let everything bake inside my head for a while.  Eventually inspiration will strike and I’ll find myself pouring out ideas and sketching something new that I can use for a design.

Step 2: Sketch, sketch, sketch

Once the miracle of inspiration hits you should sketch out exactly what you want.  If you are adept at technology you can use a drawing tablet or something similar (many tablets like iPads and the Microsoft surface now come with apps that allow drawing directly on the screen) to get these designs directly into graphical format.

If you are printing this on flat paper, then its just a matter of picking your favorite paper and printer and going with it.  However if you are getting super fancy with embossing or cutting, we have step 3!

Step 3: Super-fancy Embossing

Here is where we can get go all out and not stop at simple, flat paper invitations or stationery.  Using handy at home tools like the Cricut Maker, we can do our very own custom embossing, cutting and very fancy workmanship over paper and cardstock.  Just check out some of these examples of Cricut’ed invites:

Amazing, right?  If you are a heavy DIYer or craft person, a machine like the Cricut opens up whole new doors for your creative potential.  We definitely recommend it!

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